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Searching for a lawyer in Russian Federation?

Нижегородский адвокат Иванова Л.И.

Russian lawyer Ludmila Ivanova and partners provide legal services in Russian Federation (N. Novgorod and other regions) offering juridical help in criminal, civil, corporate, trade, administrative, family, contract and all other cases.

If you are searching for a lawyer to represent you in Russia, lawyer Ludmila Ivanov and partners will carry out and defend any your legal interest.

Juridical help can be served in the following forms:

  • complex representation client’s interest in Russian Federation (including courts, state bodies, organizations and business negotiations with private persons and companies);
  • consulting on juridical matters;
  • writing legal opinions;
  • drawing up and preparing legal documents (court papers, applications, contracts, petitions, declarations etc.);
  • representing client in courts of different instances and other government bodies;
  • legal support of international and foreign business and companies;
  • complex legal services;
  • many other facilities.

There is a big language base provided by the Russian Linguistic university, which can offer translation services almost on all world languages.

Lawyer Andrey Ivanov works together with partners specializing in various areas of the right. It is a guarantee of qualified legal services in all kind of juridical cases.

Lawyer Andrey Ivanov can provide juridical help without any obligatory physical meetings in Russia. Contact Ludmila Ivanova to order legal services for you or your friends.

You can find out more detailed information in the appropriate sections of the site or by ph. +79056613066.

Lawyer Ludmila Ivanova

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Civil cases

Family cases

Legal support of foreign and international investments