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Russian family lawyer

Нижегородский адвокат Иванова Л.И. Russian lawyer Ludmila Ivanova and partners offer complex juridical services for foreign citizens in all family cases:

1). Litigations, representing in Russia and consultations on:

  • Marriage in Russia or with a Russian spouse;
  • Divorce in Russia or with a Russian spouse (including divorces without presence);
  • Dividing common property of spouses, family arrangement;
  • Collecting alimony, increasing or reduction the size of the alimony;
  • Recognition a marriage fictitious;
  • Paternity proof;
  • Contest of paternity;
  • Deprivation and restriction of parental rights, restoration in parental rights;
  • Adoption;
  • Custody;
  • All other disputes concerning children.

2). Drawing up covenants of marriage, vitiating it;

3). Drawing up agreements of the alimony;

4). Legal assistance on any other family questions.

Russian family lawyer Ludmila Ivanova and partners. Contact to order juridical services in Russia for you or your friends.

Lawyer Ludmila Ivanova works together with partners specializing in various areas of the right. It is a guarantee of qualified legal services in all kind of juridical cases.

Lawyer Ludmila Ivanova

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